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Processing Capabilities

We execute the best combination of processing solutions to meet our customers' business needs, enabling better control chemistry, higher melt recovery, and reduction in cost.


Material is run through our demaging process to ensure our product is free of iron contamination.





Convert customers’ material to reduce their metal cost.



Manufacture alloys by combining multiple materials to achieve a desired chemistry.



Dried material provides a cleaner, safer melt. It eliminates flare-ups, reduces splash backs and provides a higher yield.



Loose material can be a challenge to charge in a furnace.  We offer two sizes of briquettes to meet your needs.




Quality scrap can be cut to meet your size specifications.





Through a controlled process, we are able to decommission cartridge brass and provide a cleaner more uniform lot to meet your metallurgical needs.

Ball Milling


Convert customers’ slag for re-melt or consumption purposes. Using our customized ball mill, we have the ability to separate low grade material from the higher metallic material for reuse.


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