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As a brass and bronze metals processor, we are constantly evolving our business to better serve our consumers.

River Recycling
River Recycling, Founded in 1919


River Recycling Industries, Inc. is a family-owned business founded in 1919.

We operated as an Ingot maker from 1919-2001, and began to produce mechanical pucks as an alternative to Ingot in 2002.  Today we apply our knowledge as a secondary smelter to effect solutions for our customers with cost-effective units of scrap metal, briquetted material, and Riverloy pucks.  As technology has changed this past century, we have adapted our processes to better serve our consumers.  We always provide excellent service and high quality products,  and strive to exceed our customers' expectations.


Our Mission is to promptly deliver high quality recycled materials at competitive prices to our valued customers.

Proudly Servicing
  • Brass Mills

  • Brass and Bronze Foundries

  • Brass and Bronze Ingot Makers

  • Refineries​​​​​

  • Export



We buy Brass & Bronze Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal.  



We Sell Brass & Bronze Scrap Metal. We are able to generate large quantities of recycled scrap metal for resale to domestic and international markets.



We execute the best combination of processing solutions to meet our customers' business needs, enabling better control chemistry, higher melt recovery, and reduction in cost.

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